Knowledge on energy market innovations

We do reports on the newest trends in renewables and their integration into the energy system.
We combine cutting-edge analyses and profound energy industry knowledge.

Some examples of our work


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Digitalization enables
new business models

Market report on new business models that are evolving through the technological developments around battery storage and digitalization. Overview on dynamics in the German energy market with respect to the direct supply of renewables.



Community solar fits
into the future power system

Study for the German citizen’s energy association. Using scenario techniques in moderated workshops, we identified the key factors that lead to the emergence of local producer-consumer communities.



Renewable boom
requires spatial planning

Short presentation based on a comprehensive study on spatial planning related to wind and photovoltaic systems. It also concentrates on economic participation models and other aspects that help to raise the acceptance for renewables.


Home storage systems
are on the rise

Overview report on batteries storage systems in the German power market. Concise analysis of technologies, providers, current prices, business models and the regulatory framework for home storage systems. In short: storage parity is in sight!



Self-supply with renewables after net-metering & Co.

Summary of international debates on regulatory trends regarding prosumers, self-supply and net-metering. The report elaborates the opportunities of “value of solar” tariffs and other regulatory measures.



Quality issues with PV systems still occur

In both qualitative and quantitative surveys, we have highlighted current quality problems of PV modules, inverters and other BOS components. The results were presented at the pv magazine Quality Roundtable.


Sector coupling through hydrogen or batteries?

Scientific paper on the role of hydrogen as the possible missing link of the energy transition. Although e-mobility appears to become battery-driven, other attractive apllications for renewable gases are becoming relevant.



Renewable heating
and cooling: the next step

Renewable energies for the heating sector are very relevant for decarbonization efforts. Summary report of the current status in Europe and Germany and discussion of policy recommendations for Chile.



Building-integrated photovoltaics waiting
for a breakthrough

Current status of building-integrated photovoltaic in Germany and Europe. Overview study on applications, providers, economical aspects, regulatory frameworks and future perspectives of BIPV.