We have carried out more than 50 customer projects since 2014. Our references cover an interesting range of upcoming energy topics in Germany, Latin America and Asia. Here is a list of our most relevant projects:


2019: Seminar on project finance in Argentina

Interactive workshop on fundamentals of project finance and lessons learned in photovoltaic and wind power projects worldwide. Target groups were local banks, project developers and potential offtakers in Buenos Aires. Given the macroeconomic perspective for Argentina, special emphasis was given to innovative financing methods such as crowd funding.


2019: Capacity building for decision-makers from Brazil and Bolivia

Workshop on recent trends in the worldwide energy transition as well as arrangement and accompaniment of a study tour for high-level regulators and energy utility representatives from Brazil and Bolivia. Focus was on battery storage technologies as well as digital solutions for an enhanced integration of intermittent renewable energy sources.


2019: Decarbonization project for the International Climate Change Initiative (IKI)

Elaboration of a project proposal for GIZ Chile on the “Decarbonization of the Chilean Energy Sector”. The consultancy included interviews with stakeholders, conceptual design of the impact matrix and formulation of the proposal, as well as extensive research on environmental and gender safeguards.


2019: Hydrogen Study for the Chilean development bank CORFO

Extensive study for the development of Chile’s hydrogen strategy in cooperation with a local consulting firm. The extensive report includes energy market analyses, cost projections and comparisons as well as local and global market forecasts. The study results were discussed in regional workshops throughout the country.


2018: Presentations on storage, digitalization and wholesale power trading

In November, we presented some of our latest research results to different audiences in Berlin:

  • Indian delegation: workshop on storage, digitalization and systematic changes in the power market

  • ProCom Energiemarkttage: presentation on wholesale power trading and regulatory reforms worldwide

  • Forum Neue Energiewelt: presentation on storage as the fourth pillar of the future power system

  • Japanese delegation: discussion of latest trends regarding virtual power plants and P2P power trading


2018: Qualitative interviews on heat supply in the Mexican industry

Büro_F conducted a series of expert interviews with technology providers, industrial end users and associations on the potential of solar heat for industrial processes. The majority of the interviews were conducted in Mexico City. Given Mexico’s low gas import prices, solar thermal technologies require favourable regulatory framework conditions to be competitive.


2018: Digitalization study on behalf of GIZ and Mexican ministries

A study on the “Role of digitalization in the energy sector for carbon emission reductions” was prepared for the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in Mexico. The preliminary results were presented to the local counterparts of the GIZ and other stakeholders at a conference in Mexico City in October 2018.


2018: Consultancy for a large-scale battery storage tender (investor’s side)

Support of a German renewable energy project developer in the tender process for a 2 MW storage system for frequency control. The services included the calculation of expected returns according to the different offers, the definition of selection criteria and the assessments of the bids from a technical and financial point of view.


2018: Delegations from Latin America to Europe

In the first half of 2018, Büro_F arranged technical visit programs for delegations from Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Cuba. The services included introductory workshops on the European energy system and on specific topics of relevance for the high-ranking delegations.


2018: Studies on home storage, renewable heat and BIPV

As part of the long-term cooperation of Büro_F with the Chilean Ministry of Energy and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), we have prepared three short studies with current relevance for the Andean state. The topcis covered include a wide range from home storage, renewable heating to building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).


2017: Evaluation of a wind power project in China for KfW Development Bank

An ex-post evaluation of the financing of a 50 MW wind farm in China was carried out for an international development bank by Büro_F. Starting with an on-site plant visit, Büro_F carried out an evaluation of the economic rate of return (ERR) of the project from an energy system perspective. In addition, we prepared an outlook on the expected future profitability of the project given the massive wind farm curtailments in China.


2017: MBA master thesis on “Hydrogen - the missing link of the energy transition?”

In a systematic analysis, the status and future market potential of lithium battery storage systems and electrolytically produced hydrogen (H2) is being analyzed. Calculations on profitability and cost expectations of the different storage technologies revealed: lithium batteries are clearly ahead of the pack in the mobility sector and in the field of home storage, but there is still potential for H2 in the power system.


2017: Surveys on the quality of photovoltaic components

In both qualitative and quantitative surveys, we have highlighted current quality problems of PV modules, inverters and other BOS components. The results were presented at the pv magazine Quality Roundtable during the 2017 Intersolar in Munich.


2017: Study on spatial planning in relation to renewable energy installations

Büro_F prepared a comprehensive study on spatial planning for the Chilean Ministry of Energy related to the planning of wind and photovoltaic systems. One focal point are economic participation models as implemented, for example, in Denmark.


2017: Lead generation for photovoltaic modules and battery storage

Büro_F identified and qualified market intermediaries for photovoltaic systems in Europe for one of the largest players in the photovoltaic industry. We contacted around 5,000 installers in Germany, France and the UK. As a result, the client was able to expand its customer base by around 350 partners. 


2016: Ad-hoc project on community supply models in Germany

For an international electricity utility, we compiled a complete market overview on new business models in the German power markets. Special attention was paid to the recent developments in the regulative framework for direct sales of electricity ("community solar").


2016: Trend analysis for renewables association

At the request of members of the German Citizen's Energy Association, we have developed a vision of the future of the energy system and derived concrete recommendations for action. Using scenario techniques in moderated workshops, we identified the key factors that have led to the emergence of local producer-consumer communities by means of/with an online survey. We carried out the project together with l ° energy - local energy markets.


2016: Business models in electric mobility for a renewable energy project developer

On behalf of a project developer for wind and photovoltaic power plants, Büro_F elaborated a market primer “E-Mobility”. The report includes an analysis of the most important market trends regarding electric vehicles, e-bikes, e-scooters and the respective charging infrastructure. Based on this, we identified business models and concrete action plans for the company.


2016: Due diligence support for an institutional investor in the field of battery storage

For an institutional investor, Büro_F participated in the due diligence process of a German battery storage integrator. The project included a comprehensive analysis of the competitive situation of the company and assessments of the future market potential for home storage systems based on rentability expectations, as well as recommendations for the strategic focus of the company.


2016: Study on smart grids in Italy

Büro_F carried out a market study on smart grids in Italy. The report includes a complete assessment of current projects and actors. Based on that, the business opportunities for German technology providers is being assessed.


2016: Study "Regulatory trends in renewable energy self-supply"

For an international institution, Büro_F conducted a research project on regulatory trends regarding prosumers, self-supply and net-metering. A special focus is on the analysis of international debates and the responding actions of regulators. As a possible solution, the report elaborates the opportunities of “value of solar” tariffs that remunerate distributed PV generation according to the benefits and costs the distributed solar provides or imposes on the electricity system.


2015: Press relation work in Germany for international institution in the energy sector

Elaboration and placement of at least 14 press articles in German specialized energy and climate media on current developments of the Chilean energy transition and the impact of the work of the German international cooperation on it. The work included tailored content articles as well as press releases.


2015: Technology radar for Chilean Ministry of Energy

Based on the market study “Energy Business Lab: New business models in decentralized and digitalized electricity markets”, we have prepared a “Renewable Energies Technology Radar” for the Chilean Ministry of Energy. The study contains analyses and prognoses of the markets for storage, photovoltaic modules, virtual power plants and more.


2015: Follow-up project customer satisfaction survey

Büro F carried out a customer satisfaction survey for a photovoltaic module manufacturer in 2015 as well. In the context of this survey, 52 interviews were completed with installers and wholesalers in Europe. The focus was on Germany, Great Britain, France and Eastern Europe. The research illustrates a detailed picture of the opinions, experiences, desires and customers’ points of criticism – and gives concrete recommendations for action.


2015: Market study on new business models

The power industry finds itself in a process of fundamental chance: New technical solutions for a decentralized power supply have reached market maturity and numerous new business models can take develop from it. With an overview study, Büro_F sheds light on the future of power markets:

  • What are the megatrends in the power markets in Germany?

  • What technical solutions for supplying energy are catching on?

  • Which business models will you be able to make money with in the future?

  • Who are the forerunners on the German market?


2015: Report on small wind energy and energy efficiency in Italy

Büro_F has contributed to two current market reports. On behalf of a German institution, the fundamentals of the Italian power market were processed and analyzed. Based on this analysis, the business chances in the field of small wind energy and energy efficiency were identified.


2015: Price survey on solar thermal power plants

In cooperation with one of the leading German renewable energy industry associations and an international advisory company, Büro F conducted a survey on the current price level for solar thermal systems. 25 installers and distributors were asked about their system prices, installation and maintenance costs. The results will be used as reference prices for an international comparative study and as a base for profitability calculations for solar thermal systems.


2015: Program for the launch of energy-efficient CHP in Chile created

Cogeneration (CHP) plays an increasingly important role in the industrial and commercial field: the distributed combined production of electricity and warmth is cost-effective and halves the emission of greenhouse gases. For the CHP launch in Chile, we supported a developmental cooperation organization with the development of a program proposal. Our services included research, profitability calculations, the development of working lines and the definition of indicators for success monitoring.


2014: Market potential of high-performance modules

Büro F conducted an ad-hoc study for Europe’s largest PV manufacturer on the market potential of high-performance modules. Through the analysis of 85,000 datasets from a module database as well as 14,000 postings at and 69,000 listings of the California Solar Initiative, historical and current market shares have been calculated. Also, future market potential was determined through interviews with 21 installers and wholesalers in Germany, France, Italy and UK. The result is a detailed price and volume forecast for 2015-2017.


2014: Customer satisfaction survey for Europe's largest solar company

12.12.2014 For an international photovoltaic manufacturer, Büro F conducted a customer satisfaction survey. In 13 days field time, we conducted more than 50 interviews with installers and distributors all over Europe. The survey draws a detailed picture on opinions, experiences and needs of customers - and recommended actions. Through qualitative questions, the market potential of new products and innovative sales channels has been assessed.


2014: Survey of 30 installers in Germany

Büro F has conducted a survey of German electricians about their business models in record time. In eight days, 30 interviews lasting 30 minutes each were conducted on behalf of an American company. The quantitative survey also included questions about profit margins and future business fields.


2014: Investment calculator for PV self-consumption projects in Chile

For the German Development Agency (GIZ) on behalf of the Chilean Ministry of Energy, Büro_F developed a detailed IRR calculator for self-consumption projects in the Andean state. The programmed excel-tool allows for rentability assessments for each Chilean municipality, based on irradiation data and the applying electricity tariff.