Büro F has a broad network of experts in the renewable energy industry. This allows Büro F to cover a broad range of topics.

Stephan Franz is the founder and owner of Büro F. He has been working as a consultant in the field of renewable energies since 2007. He received his M.A. in political science and economics from the University of Potsdam. Most recently, he worked as a consultant for Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) at the Chilean Ministry of Energy. Prior to that, Stephan worked in the market research department and the strategy department of the PV company Q CELLS. As a consultant at the German Energy Agency (dena), Stephan analyzed foreign markets for German companies. He also conducted market analyses of new technologies for the market research company EuPD Research. Before that, he organized conferences and delegation programs for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. Stephan is fluent in German, English and Spanish. He lives in Berlin.


Ulrich Kaltenbach works as a freelance consultant for Büro F. He has been working in the renewable energy sector for several years. Ulrich received his degree in economics and International Cultural and Business Studies at University Passau. Most recently, he worked as a consultant for Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in El Salvador. He supported the introduction of renewable energies in Central America. Prior to that, he worked for five years with the top-four German utility EnBW. At EnBW, Ulrich was responsible for the development of photovoltaic projects in the megawatt range. As a consultant for the German Latin America Association (LAV), Ulrich started the working line renewable energies. He is fluent in German, English and Spanish. Ulrich lives and works in Hamburg.


Hannah Marquardt works as a freelance project manager at Büro F. She holds an M.A. in cultural anthropology, gender studies and communications studies from the Humboldt-University of Berlin and the Università degli studi „L'Orientale“ in Naples, and has an additional degree in cultural management from the PH Ludwigsburg. She has worked as a cultural manager since 2001. Most recently, she has coordinated projects on socially relevant topics such as migration, inclusion and cultural policy for the Robert Bosch Foundation in Serbia. Prior to that, she gained experience in project management and international cultural exchange at the Goethe-Institut and the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation. For several years, she has worked as a casting manager and an assistant to the director for feature film productions, and has also conducted research for documentary films. Hannah is fluent in German, English, French, Italian and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian. She lives and works in Berlin.